I’m back from my winter haiatus; I just can’t stand indoor lighting.  My first fashion tip of 2013: Create your own trends.

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On unseasonably warm days I enjoy walking barefoot in the grass and wearing an ethereal tutu. If you decide you would like to wear a tutu, please pair it with something simple, like this long sleeved white onesie. Avoid looking desperate and keep it simple sweetheart.

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Last weekend was Chuseok, (the Korean equivalent of Thanksgiving). As you can see, I am wearing my traditional Hanbok. More importantly, I’m smizing like no one’s business.

This will come as a surprise to many of you. I believe in dressing for the holiday. Why not wear halloween themed leggings. Christmas sleepwear, or pink hearts for Valentine’s day? Holidays happen once a year. Get over yourself and dress up. I do, however, draw the line at dangly Christmas tree earrings. That’s just tacky.

Why oh why did I step out of the house in my pajamas? I’m using myself as an example, so you realize you must always prepare for an audience. You never know who is watching.

Just adding another photo to give those of you still struggling, yet another example of simple day time casual wear. Corduroy pants with a polka dot long sleeved t-shirt, layered with a wine coloured cotton jacket. Sneakers add a casual feel, while my pororo hair pin creates a neat hairline. There is no excuse for messy hair and velour tracksuits.

This is a photo-tutorial on how to bring your day time look to evening. Swap out the jeans for pink leggings or tights, and change from your squeaker sneakers into a pair of ballet flats. I am appropriately practicing my ballet pirouettes in this photo. I’m just so busy.

This is an example of daytime appropriate attire. Just because you nap, play in dirt and eat play dough (I am not including myself in this statement, obviously) doesn’t mean you shouldn’t at least make some effort. Pair an above the knee dress with skinny jeans and a simple cardigan. I added my squeaker shoes for contrast. There you go kids.

Can you go wrong with a leopard print ensemble, incorporating a trendy pop of colour? I think not. Add a pair of sparkly magenta mary janes and you can’t miss.

Faux fur is always in fashion. As an animal lover, it’s important to me, that the faux is fo-sure faux. I’m sorry for that, that was uncomfortable. Continuing on with the theme, I added a pair of faux-rabbit booties, to complete the look.

As I have mentioned before, it is always in fashion to pair a vintage piece with modern basics. As you can probably tell, I am wearing an adorable cotton dress, circa 1984. By combining this with a classic white onesie and sweet pink tights, the 80s have never looked better. Ever.

You may wonder why I take such care to always look nice. Of course, it brings opportunities which most toddlers could only dream of. You can see here that I was selected to be featured in a Johnson’s Baby advertisement in Today’s Parent magazine. Please ignore my mother in the background, there was nothing I could do about her, the photographer insisted she be there. My mother thinks we were chosen to be featured as a result of some “joyful family story” she shared. We all know the real reason.

Although I don’t normally wear an outfit twice, I wanted to show that it is possible (when absolutely necessary) to due so by changing up your accessories. As you can see, I swapped my yellow cardigan for a linen jacket and traded in my white shoes for flowered pink flats. After this photo was taken I went back inside and changed into something previously unworn/unphotographed.

This is what I consider an appropriate “Back-to-School” outfit. Not that I’m actually going “back to school” but it doesn’t hurt to participate in putting together a school ready wardrobe. Just in case. I can not stress enough how important it is to avoid screen printed t-shirts with cutesy slogans if you want to make a good first impression. A crisp white t-shirt with delicate detailing will be fine. Wear a size appropriate back pack in a trendy colour, such as mustard yellow. Add a feminine touch, like a rosette hair pin.

I like this photo because I think it really shows off the aggressive side of my personality. Rarr.

I know you may be surprised to see me pairing this yellow sweater with a pink hued one piece, however, I believe the handmade cable knit cardigan creates contrast to an otherwise too-girly ensemble.

Take note of my miniature hat. I enjoy miniatures, and as this is currently a trend in Asia, I feel it is my responsibility to cross it over to North America (seeing as I am half Korean).

Enjoy my picnic-perfect outfit.

When having my photo taken, I find it better to hold a steady gaze away from the camera. This ensures my status as head of house hold more effectively than partaking in giggling and “cheese”ing. It forces my Mother to long for a playful and unattainable relationship with me.

Now, the outfit. Some may question my choice of leopard print jeggings, but when paired with an adorable denim tunic and a cream (not white) pea coat, they add just the right amount of pizazz. Yes, I said pizazz.

I like this outfit for a couple of reasons.

I think the skirt is cute, and it came from Korea. I bought it at a fancy department store and wasn’t sure if it would work or not, but I think it does.

I like the handbag, but please ignore the mini-mouse zippered detail. I was unaware of this while purchasing.

I also enjoy the slight snarl I’m shooting at my mom.

I know what you’re thinking: Am I in a barn? Why am I in a barn? Against my better judgement, I allowed my mom to take me to a cow barn to see the “moo moos” as she calls them. I wasn’t entirely impressed but I used this as an opportunity to try out a more sporty side of my personality with my new puffy vest. I think I worked it, but probably not an every day fashion choice. It works for the barn.

I love this outfit so much, I thought I should do a cute pose to show it off.

I really like this dress. The neutral colour isn’t distracting, but still fashionable. Paired with a jean jacket, it’s casual enough to run errands in. I know leggings aren’t for everyone, but I’m petite enough to pull them off. The shoes are so-so but I didn’t have enough time to get my heels from the top of the closet. Also, the hairpin is cute without being too “baby-baby”

I know, I know. Not my finest moment, but if one must wear animal ears, they should at least be hand knit and not made of cheap polyester or equally gross fabric.

I think all ladies should wear hound’s tooth. What you can’t see in this photo, is that I’m wearing a matching shift dress under my coat. Something about fall jackets and pastel prints adds a spring to my step.

I wore this dress when I was a baby. I updated it by adding a knit cardigan and a pair of white leggings. Don’t worry. This photo was taken before labour day. Obviously I am working the wind here.

I’m posting this as a warning. I was feeling a bit under the weather and let my mother dress me. Shoot. Of course, she chose a graphic tee with the words “Cuddle Queen” (she wishes), and…jogging pants. Barf. I blame the outfit for the hysterics that ensued. I even got down on my hands and knees and tried to put pavement in my mouth. Warning: No matter how tired you are, do.not.let.your.mom.dress.you.

I’m pretty pleased the way this ensemble turned out. I think it shows off my edgy side.

I like the vest and the texture it gives to an otherwise dull upper half. The sweater under the vest is hand knit which could look dorky on it’s own, but I make it work. Jean shorts in the fall, of course it’s hip. Topped off with the strawberry hat? Perfect.

There are a lot of things I like about this outfit (not so much can be said for the photo itself. Mom!

1. I like the jeans. They are cool and dangerous looking. I might hop on a harley and take a spin tonight.

2. The sweater is casual, yet hip, the sweater dress meets jeans is still an acceptable fall look.

3. Despite the pom-poms I really enjoy this hat. It was bought in Korea so I run no risk of bumping into another kid with the same hat.

I give this outfit a 10 out of 10 for a casual fall day.

This Bunny Sweater is vintage. I received it even before I was born. I’m a little over the “baby dressed as a cute animal” thing, but I thought the hood was kind of cute and I like how soft the fake fur is on my skin.

I chose to wear a onesie under this pretty little frock because the wind chills my skin these days. What can I say? I’m sensitive. I like to spend my mornings picking clovers and throwing them over the side of the hill.

I need to begin by apologizing for the stripes on stripes. This is not how I intended to make my debut to the blogging world, but when Mom called me to come out for some fresh air, I had just been milling around the house and grabbed the first thing I could get my hands on. Dangit, if I only knew this choice would be recorded on film. Anyway, here’s a snake berry.

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